When Marshall and Mary Ann Lackowski started their travel company in 1977, they offered trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean to their clients who enjoyed the soothing tropical climates. Now, more than 40 years later, Big Daddy Tours has grown into one of metro Detroit’s most widely used charter tour bus companies, offering trips to accommodate the adventurous spirit in anyone. The company still offers those warm-temperature trips, but has expanded its repertoire to include much more.

Big Daddy Tours specializes in creating trips specific to customer requests. Their expertise and personal experience help them choose the best accommodations and the finest transportation for their clients. Marshall and Mary Ann have made their business unique by adding the personal touch to their tours. They make it a point to accompany their travel groups, serving as personal escorts and entertainers. There’s a personal touch to it. It’s been a family thing all the way through.

Another note of personal touch that sets Big Daddy Tours apart from other travel services is its location. Operated out of the Lackowski’s home in Washington, MI the business is as much a part of the family as the family is a part of the business. They are a service oriented business and will answer to any request the public has.